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Protecting Our Client's Rights

As your criminal defense lawyer Mark Kratter will give your case the serious attention it deserves and provide an aggressive defense, whether you are facing misdemeanor assault charges or are under investigation for a felony offense.

The law firm of Mark M. Kratter, LLC, in Norwalk, Connecticut, serves criminal defense clients throughout Fairfield County including the communities of Norwalk, Stamford, Greenwich, Westport, Redding, Wilton, Ridgefield, Darien, Weston, Fairfield, Danbury, Stratford, Monroe, Newtown, Bethel, Danbury, New Canaan, Easton and Bridgeport.

Consult with a criminal defense attorney before making any statement to police, prosecutors, or friends!

You may feel that it is important to be cooperative and answer questions. If you waive your right to have a lawyer present any statement you make can and will be held against you. Be polite, but be firm: you want to speak to a lawyer before answering any questions. For more information, or to speak with criminal defense attorney Mark Kratter, contact our Norwalk law office and make arrangements for a free phone consultation.

What is the role of a criminal defense lawyer?

Mark has, since 1993, been representing clients in criminal court. He will explain exactly what your legal options are, and discuss the likely outcomes of different strategies, helping you decide whether to negotiate a plea or go to trial. As a respected Connecticut criminal lawyer he is often able to negotiate with prosecutors to have charges reduced or dropped altogether, or to have the length of jail sentences reduced. If your case goes to trial he will provide an aggressive defense based on thorough preparation, examination of the evidence and police procedures, and courtroom skill.

If you have been arrested for DUI or are under investigation for a sexual offense, you risk serious legal penalties, possibly including jail. You also are suffering from the public humiliation that accompanies the charges, and may be at risk of losing your job or your family. We understand how difficult this is for you. Attorney Kratter will seek a program tailored to your specific needs, and will help you avoid future brushes with the law.

As a criminal defense lawyer, Mark is prepared to help our clients with a full range of charges, including:

  • Assault, battery
  • Larceny, theft, shoplifting, burglary, robbery
  • Breach of peace
  • Narcotics violations, including possession of marijuana, intent to distribute cocaine, and trafficking
  • Drunk driving/ DUI
  • Juvenile offenses and youthful offender charges
  • Sex offenses, including rape, indecent exposure, and Internet luring
  • Fraud, embezzlement, identity theft
  • Drug Possession and Sales

For more information about Connecticut's criminal trial process, see The Criminal Law Process.

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