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The courts in Connecticut assume it is important for a child to maintain a strong relationship with both parents. In many cases, this is the right approach, but working out the details to achieve a parenting time agreement that is fair, clear and takes into account the needs of both the children and parents take skill, understanding of the law and creativity. In certain other situations, especially when domestic violence is an issue, a visitation schedule with other stipulated conditions is necessary because the welfare of the children's safety takes precedent.

No matter which situation you are facing, at Mark M. Kratter, LLC, we believe one of the most important roles we have as your advocates in a divorce action is to defend and uphold your parental rights. Through creative arrangements our Norwalk visitation attorneys help our clients whether they are primary caregivers, unmarried couples, share a joint arrangement, or divorced noncustodial parents maximize the length and quality time when with their children.

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What Is a Parenting Plan?

A parenting plan will start with looking to incorporate and adopt the terms regarding legal custody and physical custody found in the child custody arrangement that has been worked out between the parties. It will then also look at how best to arrange the parenting schedules, which creates the opportunity for both parents to be with their children and to share time with them.

What Is Included in a Fairfield Visitation Schedule?

A parenting plan may be set up according to a fixed schedule or in some cases, with a less defined arrangement and a great amount of flexibility, depending on how cooperative the parties are and how much they are willing to negotiate as issues come up.

Our Connecticut parenting time attorneys can help you work out a plan that accommodates the child's schedule, including extra-curricular activities and other appointments, that also takes into account the work schedule and other commitments of each parent. Our lawyers also ensure a parenting plan includes clear decisions regarding which birthdays are celebrated at which household, how trips will be dealt with, whose extended family the child will spend certain holidays with, and how school vacations will be spent.

Mark and Lisa are family law attorneys who believe in being thorough and understanding of all the dynamics surrounding your family situation. This helps inform how they counsel clients and represent them in and out of court during a divorce action as well as after a divorce has been finalized and a modification is needed because circumstances have substantially changed. If you believe this type of comprehensive counsel is necessary for your divorce action and to negotiate your parenting time agreement, contact us today.

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