Pretrial Programs

Working to Keep You Out of Jail

Pretrial programs, also referred to as diversionary programs, can be ordered in certain cases as an alternative to incarceration. Pretrial programs are not available in all cases. There are specific requirements that need to be met and the court decides who will be admitted. Successful completion of a pretrial program typically results in the dismissal of the charges by the court.

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At the law firm of Mark M. Kratter, LLC, in Norwalk, Connecticut, we work diligently to help clients gain admission to an appropriate diversionary program. Our attorneys have extensive experience in these matters and we know what it takes to make a compelling argument on your behalf.

Available Programs

Depending on the type of charges you are facing, there are a number of pretrial programs we can explore in your case:

  • Accelerated Rehabilitation: For first-time offenders charged with certain crimes or motor vehicle violations where jail time is a possibility.
  • Alcohol Education System: For people charged with alcohol-related offenses. Available to first time offenders and people who have not had an alcohol-related program for at least 10 years.
  • Drug Education Program: For people charged with certain drug-related offenses. Previous participants of this or the community service labor program are not eligible.
  • Family Violence Education: For people charged with certain family violence crimes. If you have previously participated in this program, you will no longer be eligible.
  • Community Service Labor Program: For people charged with offenses relating to drug paraphernalia or illegal possession who have not previously been convicted of another drug crime.
  • School Violence Prevention: For high school students who have been charged with a school violence offense. Previous participants of this program and people who have previously been convicted of a school violence offense will not be eligible to participate.
  • Suspended Prosecution for Illegal Sale, Delivery, or Transfer of Pistols or Revolvers: For certain people who have been accused of violating specific weapons statutes. Previous participants in this program and those who have previously been convicted of a weapons crime are not eligible.
  • Youthful Offender Program: For people charged with committing a crime prior to their 18th birthday. If you are admitted to the program, the court has several options with regard to punishment upon adjudication as a youthful offender. Youthful Offender adjudications are not considered convictions.
  • Treatment of Drug or Alcohol Dependent Offenders: Courts are able to order treatment for drug or alcohol abuse in lieu of prosecution if it believes that treatment would in stronger rehabilitation. In general, people charged with a drunk driving offence are not eligible for this program.

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