Norwalk Wage Garnishment and Bank Execution Attorney

Many people consumed with debt are able to juggle their finances until their wages are garnished or their bank account becomes frozen. If you are struggling to make ends meet, consider working with a highly skilled bankruptcy attorney before your financial situation spirals out of control.

At the law offices of Mark M. Kratter, LLC, in Norwalk, Connecticut, our lawyer offers more than 18 years of experience helping clients become debt free. We will apply our years of experience and legal skills to help you gain control of your finances without relying Band-aid-type solutions. Credit cards and other short-term solutions are known to cause individuals to become further entrenched in debt. Contact our law firm today to learn how filing bankruptcy can put an end to creditor harassment, wage garnishments or creditors taking money from your banking accounts.

Addressing the Benefits of Filing for Bankruptcy

Bankruptcy is designed to provide consumers with a fresh start. Through Chapter 7 bankruptcy, individuals are able to discharge all of their unsecured debts. Individuals who qualify for Chapter 13 bankruptcy debt relief also gain a fresh start, after their debts are re-organized into a three- to five-year repayment plan. Filing for bankruptcy provides consumers with a clean slate and other benefits, including:

  • Stops wage garnishments — As soon as your bankruptcy petition is filed with the court, a notice is sent out to all of your creditors to stop garnishing your wages.
  • Stops bank executions — Once you file a bankruptcy petition, creditors will be prevented from taking money out of your bank accounts.
  • Stops creditor harassment — When you file for bankruptcy, the law authorizes an automatic stay putting an end to all collective activity, including creditor harassment.
  • Stop repossessions — Filing for bankruptcy may also put an end to your property being repossessed.
  • Stop foreclosures proceedings — Once you file a bankruptcy petition, all bankruptcy proceedings are stopped.

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At the law offices of Mark M. Kratter, LLC, we are committed to helping you obtain a fresh financial start. Contact our law firm online or call 203-286-4623 to meet with a highly experienced bankruptcy attorney at our law firm in Norwalk, Connecticut.

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